Milburn on Prosser Academy demolishing project
MILBURN's Experience

We came up in demolition by taking on the projects that others didn't want to do. The result? We became really good at specialty demolition and removal projects like mechanical systems, vaults, conveying systems, chimney stacks, fire escapes, and more. Our skills + our fleet means we can execute each job swiftly and safely.

Milburn on Prosser Academy demolishing project

Robotic Demolition

Robots go places people can't. That means your toughest projects stay on schedule without budging on safety. Remote-operated and electric-powered, robotics also limit exhaust fumes, minimize vibrations and noise, and increase overall productivity.

Vault Removal

Vault removal includes the removal of heavily reinforced concrete vaults from within existing structures. We’re used to running a tight ship, and we’ll stay on schedule for your project.

Chimney Stack Removal

MILBURN removes old chimney stacks from buildings to remain without damage to surrounding structures.

Elevator & Escalator Removal

Our direct, efficient approach to elevator and escalator removal offers you the chance to quickly reclaim your space for new installations.

Cooling Tower Removal

We’ll remove and dismantle cooling towers from your facility, whether it’s automotive, commercial, manufacturing, or industrial.

Fire Escape Removal

Old fire escapes can be more than just eyesores- they can be dangerous. Do you know the status of your building’s fire escape? If not, it’s probably time to call MILBURN.

Water Tower and Water Tank Removals

MILBURN performs removal and off-site disposal of free-standing water towers for municipalities and private owners. We can also safely remove rooftop water storage tanks and supporting structures from buildings to remain. We provide these removals in a turn-key fashion, including all utility disconnects, environmental testing, and required permits.

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Partnership Mentality
We don’t see our trade partners as adversaries. Instead, MILBURN works alongside others with a partner mentality to empower everyone on the job to do well.
A Trusted Resource
MILBURN generates ideas and strategies based on years in the demolition market, and we’ve invested in a capable fleet equipped with the latest technology.
Safety is Everything
From day one at MILBURN, we've approached demolition with a singular commitment to everyone's safety. We're committed to changing the industry for good.


MILBURN has proven themselves, time and again, to be a trusted resource on our projects. Bulley & Andrews can always count on them to exercise strong safety measures and adhere to the project schedule while generating innovative ideas that deliver value to our clients and our projects. MILBURN’s partnership mentality and high regard for safety and quality workmanship make them an asset on any project requiring demolition.

Peter Kuhn

Division Leader
No matter the project or circumstances, we can always count on you, Todd or Rich, and the entire MILBURN team to come through. The training you provide to your employees and your dedication to excellence is evident in every project you complete for us. And when an issue does arise, as they invariably do in our industry, I always know that MILBURN will correct the issue and make things right, no questions asked.

Scott Kurinsky

Executive Vice President
MILBURN has successfully performed on multiple projects for us, ranging from selective interior demolition to removal of structural elements in the middle of high-rise buildings. The majority of these projects were performed in occupied buildings and highly sensitive environments. MILBURN always delivered, on time and on budget, and without surprises. Safety is their priority - they plan the jobs meticulously, and their field crews execute with precision.

Kate Ivanova

Vice President
James and Charlie have been a pleasure to work with and I would definitely work with them again. They are quick to respond to questions/issues and have been very fair to deal with. Our site, which they demolished, was an infill location, next to a single-family home, across the street from two parks and adjacent to a City of Chicago critical emergency facility. They worked with all neighbors seamlessly, going above and beyond to make sure everyone was comfortable and well taken care of during the process. I would highly recommend MILBURN to others.

Jordan Karlik

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