CSL Project
MILBURN's Experience

Properly gutting a building is an art. When MILBURN does interior demolition, we evaluate what needs to go and what needs to stay. We’re careful to remove and dispose of all interior elements while leaving the existing structure intact.

CSL Project

Commercial Services

MILBURN performs complete teardown and material disposal of shopping centers, retail spaces, office spaces, and warehouses.

Tenant Improvement

Demolition services to remove aging finishes, closed-off floor plans, and out-of-date equipment to improve commercial or residential rental spaces.

Data Center & IT Room Decommissioning

Proper removal and decommissioning of data centers and IT rooms while following local, state, and national regulations.

Furniture Removal

Removal and disposal of large quantities of commercial furniture.

Mechanical Systems Removal

Removal of rooftop units, cooling towers, chillers, boilers, fan units, generators, pumps, switchgear, and all other MEPFP components.

Slab Openings

Partial or complete removal of structural slabs, walls, columns, and beams within buildings or structures that will remain.

Stair Removal

Removal, disposal, and slab floor preparation for all building staircases.

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Increase Property Value
Tenant improvements can dramatically increase the value of your rental property.
White Boxing Commercial Services
MILBURN cleans up all the little things so your space is ready for a new lease.
Data Center and IT Regulatory Knowledge
Let MILBURN handle the regulatory paperwork required when removing old data and IT rooms.
We do our Structural Homework
Whether you want things gutted or picked apart with finesse, we carefully preplan every Interior demolition project.

Client Testimonials

MILBURN has proven themselves time and again to be a trusted resource on our projects. Bully & Andrews can always count on them to exercise strong safety measures and adhere to the project schedule, while generating innovative ideas that deliver value to our clients and our projects. MILBURN’s partnership mentality — and their high regard for safety and quality workmanship — makes them an asset on any project requiring demolition.

Peter Kuhn

Division Leader
No matter the project or circumstances, we can always count on you, Todd or Rich, and the entire MILBURN team to come through. The training you provide to your employees and your dedication to excellence is evident in every project you complete for us. And when an issue does arise, as they invariably do in our industry, I always know that MILBURN will correct the issue and make things right, no questions asked.

Scott Kurinsky

Executive Vice President
MILBURN has successfully performed on multiple projects for us, ranging from selective interior demolition to removal of structural elements in the middle of high-rise buildings. The majority of these projects were performed in occupied buildings and highly sensitive environments. MILBURN always delivered, on time and on budget, and without surprises. Safety is their priority - they plan the jobs meticulously, and their field crews execute with precision.

Kate Ivanova

Vice President
James and Charlie have been a pleasure to work with and I would definitely work with them again. They are quick to respond to questions/issues and have been very fair to deal with. Our site, which they demolished, was an infill location, next to a single-family home, across the street from two parks and adjacent to a City of Chicago critical emergency facility. They worked with all neighbors seamlessly, going above and beyond to make sure everyone was comfortable and well taken care of during the process. I would highly recommend MILBURN to others.

Jordan Karlik

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