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Whether it’s interior demolition, specialty demolition, or a complete structure tear down—we are committed to tackling projects of all shapes and sizes throughout Chicago and the Southeast.

MILBURN Demolition in Chicago, Illinois

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620 28th Ave
Bellwood, IL 60104
(708) 540-4683

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MILBURN Demolition in Tampa, Florida

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8801 Maislin Dr.
Tampa, FL 33637
(813) 980-1800

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Demolition Services

Leading Demolition Contractor in Safety and Innovation

Interior & Selective Demolition

We perform interior and selective demolition with thorough pre-planning, precision, and attention to detail.

Specialty Demolition

Our team at MILBURN Demolition confidently takes on complex specialty demolition projects including the removal of water towers, escalators and elevators, cooling towers, chimney stacks, and vaults.

Total Building Demolition

We have the expertise, experience, and technology to safely and efficiently perform complete structure demolition including high reach buildings.

Industrial Demolition

Safely performing demolition and dismantling of industrial structures such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, and more.

Bridge Demolition

MILBURN Demolition is equipped to accomplish complex bridge demolition projects with speed and precision, safely getting the job done and traffic moving.

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