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Demolition recycling is a critical part of the work we do at MILBURN. We are committed to being good stewards of the communities we serve, as well as the overall environment. By recycling demolition waste — part of a process called deconstruction — we’re able to meet our company sustainability goals, decrease the environmental impact of C&D work, and contribute to a thriving next-use market. And because much of our demolition recycling is done on site, you can immediately use the recycled demolition material, driving your materials costs down.

Asphalt & Concrete

100% recycled for reuse as aggregate base usage and crushed onsite whenever possible to avoid trucking cost and emissions.


100% recycled for reuse or crushed as aggregate base usage.


100% reclaimed and recycled.

Lumber & Millwork

Timbers/siding are salvaged and recycled, and millwork is sorted and diverted from landfills.

Steel & Other Metals

Steel structural components, studs, ductwork, conduit, door frames, wire, pipe, and light fixtures are removed for reuse or recycled.

Furniture & Lighting

Removed for reuse whenever possible. If it’s not reusable, then any metal within is salvaged and recycled, and millwork is recycled or used as alternative fuel.

Ceiling Tiles

Whenever possible, we participate in the Armstrong Ceilings Recycling Program.

Carpet Broadloom

Whenever possible, carpet broadloom is recycled or used as alternative fuel.

Carpet Tiles

Whenever possible, carpet tiles are returned to the carpet manufacturer for recycling.

IT Equipment

Properly remove and decommission data centers and IT rooms while following local, state, and federal regulations.

Miscellaneous Appliances & Electronics

Any surplus assets like generators, chillers, switchgear, cooling towers, UPS systems, electrical components/panels, appliances, etc. are evaluated and sold for reuse, whenever possible. Any non-reusable items are 100% recycled for their metal value.

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Why Choose MILBURN Demolition?
On Site Material Recycling
We crush concrete on site and sort all material to reuse and recycle it, ensuring what we knock down gets to the right place.
Data Center and IT Regulatory Knowledge
We handle all the regulatory paperwork required when removing old data and IT rooms.
Turnkey Service
We take care of everything from start to finish, including permits, utility disconnects, hazardous materials removal, and recycling and disposal services.