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The health and well-being of all MILBURN team members—including our employees, trade partners, customers and families—are the top priority of our company. In order to protect our team members we have created a MILBURN COVID-19 Response Plan. The following outlines how we’re addressing the current infectious disease outbreak and how we’re preventing spread in our workplace and homes.

James Milburn

Respiratory protection required - COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Green Checkmark Respiratory protection required

Green Checkmark Gloves required

Green Checkmark Assigned tools for the day

Handwashing - COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Green Checkmark Handwashing / sanitation stations

Green Checkmark Laser thermometer check at all job sites

Green Checkmark Equipment sanitation daily

No group breaks - COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Green Checkmark No group breaks (individual only)

Green Checkmark Minimum 6ft distance at all times

Green Checkmark No crews larger than 10 people

Procedure #1

Team Member Screening

All team members must sign in with use of nitrile gloves and check the box saying that they feel 100% normal without any coughing, fever, flu symptoms. Additionally, all team members have their temperatures taken with a laser thermometer prior to starting work. Anyone with temperature above 100.4 degrees fahrenheit is not allowed to remain on a jobsite.

Procedure #2

Social Distancing

Our team is required to maintain 6' distance between people whenever possible. Breaks are to be taken separately outside or in personal vehicles whenever possible. And no crews larger than 10 team members will be allowed to work at the same time on the same jobsite.

Procedure #3

Personal Hygiene & PPE

Hand wash stations with soap and/or hand sanitizer are provided at all jobsites. We encourage our team to wash or sanitize hands before work, when switching tasks, before and after break, and at the end of work. All team members are required to wear gloves and respiratory protection.

Procedure #4

Jobsite Cleanliness

All hand tools are sanitized/wiped down before and after each use. Additionally, employees are assigned tools for a full day whenever possible. All entry points (doors, locks, ladders, scaffolds, windows, etc) are sanitized before and after each shift or more often during constant use.

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Procedure #5

Vehicle & Equipment Cleanliness

We require all door handles, latches, and interior cabs to be sanitized before and after each usage on all equipment. We limit vehicles to a single driver whenever possible and all rental equipment is sanitized prior to first use.