Project Details
The Oakmont Point project involved four post-tensioned structures, which were all connected by interior pedestrian bridges. Our primary responsibility on this job was to completely remove two of the buildings, while gutting the two remaining structures. In addition, we removed precast facade from all four structures, and removed roofing materials from the two remaining edifices. We also did a considerable amount of shoring, de-tensioning, and re-tensioning as required to separate and dismantle the buildings.
Our Biggest Challenge
The big challenge at Oakmont Point was that we couldn’t just demolish the connecting bridges, because it would have de-tensioned or de-stressed the remaining buildings potentially causing damage or collapse of buildings to remain. Another complicating factor was the fact that the structures were only 15 feet apart, so we were operating in tight quarters. We also had to ensure there was no damage to any slab edges, columns, or beams of the remaining structures.
The End Result
All told, we worked over 13,600 man hours safely, crushed and reused 15,000 tons of concrete on-site, and exported 1,000 tons of metal and 3,000 tons C&D for recycling. Over 97% of all materials were either recycled, reused, or diverted from the landfill. We finished this job on time in May 2019, and our client Ryan Companies awarded us their 2019 Ryan Subcontractor Safety Award for completing this difficult project safely.