Project Details
This project took MILBURN teams to Prudential Plaza in downtown Chicago, to perform demolition required to construct new office spaces. Our largest responsibility was removing a 3,000 sq ft concrete deck from the penthouse level, which was directly above the building’s mechanical floor. All of the operating HVAC units and the main electrical room were suspended from the deck, so we needed to install a 3,000 sq ft suspended shoring system and catch deck to safely remove the slab. We also demolished over 50,000 sq ft of interiors on this project, as we removed a dumbwaiter, escalators, staircases, ceilings, flooring, walls, millwork, and MEP/FP.
Our Biggest Challenge
Most of the building was still open and operational while we worked. This raised a variety of challenges, including the fact that we had to complete the vast majority of our work at night to avoid disrupting daily operations in the building. We also had to coordinate our efforts with a structural engineer and a scaffolding/shoring contractor to install a catch deck system to prevent falling debris from damaging operational units.
The End Result
We finished our work on this job on time in September 2018 utilizing over 9,200 man hours after approximately nine months of work. We exported 906 tons of C&D for recycling, and we were able to recycle or divert from landfill about 98% of these materials.