Project Details
Prosser Career Academy is a four-year vocational high school that required extensive updates to their auto tech, cooking, and other hands-on learning areas. Our responsibilities on this job were too numerous to list them all here, but we demolished and/or removed floor coverings, rooftop mechanical units, roofing structures, partitions, laid-in and plaster ceilings, overhead doors, storefronts, and 5,000 sq ft of 10” concrete slab.
Our Biggest Challenge
Considering the fact that the job site was an active school building, we were working on an extremely tight schedule — we couldn’t start until students left for summer break in June, and needed to be done by the time they returned in August. All told, we completed 4,100 man hours of work in just four weeks. We also needed to collaborate with an abatement subcontractor, which added additional complications.
The End Result
We completed this project on time in August 2019 utilizing over 4,100 Man hours. We exported 280 tons C&D for sorting and recycling, of which 97% was recycled or diverted from landfill. It’s hard to imagine completing this job successfully without the efforts of our site foreman Roger Tapia and project manager Jeffrey Kading. They planned the entire job, lined up work crews, and arranged equipment and deliveries, all without losing even one day from our tight schedule.