Project Details
Power Construction hired MILBURN Demolition as a subcontractor to perform interior demolition of the 11th and 12th floors of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Located in the heart of Streeterville on Northwestern University’s Chicago campus, MILBURN completed interior demolition, along with the specialty demolition scope of creating new exterior precast openings for new bridges in both the Galter and Feinberg buildings. The scope of work was completed in four phases over the course of 18 months.
Our Biggest Challenge
As one of the top hospitals serving patients in the Chicagoland area, Northwestern Memorial Hospital needed to remain safe and as uninhibited as possible throughout the demolition process. This required extensive planning including hours of meeting, engineering, scaffolding design and removal sequencing charts. Another challenge was the way the building’s precast was designed — the clips holding the precast to the building were unlike any we had seen before. The precast panels only had clips every two floors. As a result, we had to carefully come up with a demolition approach that would not affect any pieces that needed to remain. We also needed to ensure the panels we were removing didn't shift the others.
The End Result
We used swing stages, saw cutting, hoists and engineering to safely and effectively remove the precast from Northwestern Memorial Hospital without compromising the structural integrity or the hospital’s ability to keep running. Both the customer and the general contractor, Power Construction, were very pleased with the planning and follow through of the project.