Project Details
MILBURN was hired as a subcontractor of Bulley and Andrews to remove a 100+ year-old wood and steel water tank structure from a 5-story occupied senior living home in Chicago’s South Side. For this project, we hired Stevenson Crane, who utilized a 330-ton crane to assist in the removal. Our scope of work on the Marshfield Water Tower included rigging, burning, permite procurement, and skid steer use.
Our Biggest Challenge
One specific challenge for this project was the location of the water tank, as our team had limited access. We also ran into the challenge of power line locations obstructing the view. Since this wasn’t our first run-in with similar issues on a specialty demolition project, we were able to work around this challenge to achieve a positive outcome.
The End Result
The Marshfield Water Tower Removal was certainly a success and we’re proud of the outcome our team was able to achieve. The general contractor, Bulley and Andrews, and the customer were pleased with the result. Upon completion, 99% of the materials removed from the site were diverted from the landfill, which reduced associated environmental issues. We would also like to highlight the impeccable work done by our Director of Operations, Don Collier, Foremen, Ruben C., Superintendent, Juan Gradilla and Estimator/Project Manager Jeff Kading.


From the initial preplanning through the final execution Milburn never missed a beat. Their communication throughout all phases led to a safe and successful project.

Kyle Schoenhofen

Bully & Andrews