Project Details
Jefferson Park Hospital was a five-story hospital nursing center, which Milburn demolished to make way for a new condominium development. For many of our projects, we work with a general contractor, but at Jefferson Park Hospital, we worked directly for the owner. This meant that in addition to the full demo, we handled the permitting process with the City of Chicago, performed all environmental preparation at the site, and disconnected the water and sewer lines. It was necessary to relocate fiberoptic lines as well, so they could still feed the neighboring buildings without going through the hospital property. For safety, we also closed the sidewalk in front of the building and the parking lane next to the curb.
Our Biggest Challenge
A major issue we had to overcome on this project was the fact that the job site left us little room to maneuver, due to the fact that there were buildings on both sides, a sidewalk in front, and an alley in back. Furthermore, this job site was in a very busy part of the city, with lots of vehicle and foot traffic. Due to this, we had to use quite a bit of selective demolition. Our new high reach demo machine came in very handy at Jefferson Park Hospital, because it allowed us to reach over the top of the building rather than putting equipment inside the building and demoing one floor at a time from below. This is also a significant safety benefit, because it keeps the operator further away from any falling debris. Additionally, the high reach demo machine has a built-in direct water source attachment, which helps us mitigate the spread of dust on the job site. This is actually another safety benefit as well, because we no longer need to have somebody with a water hose nearby.
The End Result
We were able to complete this project to our client’s satisfaction, with zero injuries or accidents along the way. Our operators did a commendable job at Jefferson Park Hospital, especially considering how they were able to use our new high reach demo machine safely and efficiently. Overall, we’re happy that we decided to purchase the high reach demo machine. It gives us a leg up compared to most other demolition companies in this area, and it helped us to perform our work effectively and with a strong emphasis on safety.

Client Testimonials

James and Charlie have been a pleasure to work with and I would definitely work with them again. They are quick to respond to questions/issues and have been very fair to deal with. Our site, which they demolished, was an infill location, next to a single family home, across the street from two parks and adjacent to a City of Chicago critical emergency facility. They worked with all neighbors seamlessly, going above and beyond to make sure everyone was comfortable and well taken care of during the process. I would highly recommend Milburn to others.

Jordan Karlik