Project Details
MILBURN removed 36-foot-tall pallet racking, piping systems, an auto-load rail system, and a mezzanine structure from within CSL Behring’s south warehouse — an active industrial building. Typically, we would bring in an excavator and rip out all the racking, but instead we had to work off of boom lifts and telescopic forklifts due to some unique challenges.
Our Biggest Challenge
The reason for this strategy was the fact that we were not allowed to touch or damage the existing concrete slab. We had to move each section of pallet racking systematically, lowering each section individually. Even tire marks were unacceptable, so we cleaned those off with a ride-on floor scrubber after we removed the racking. Another challenge was working in an active industrial manufacturing facility — we needed to avoid making a mistake that would affect the ongoing operations.
The End Result
We ended up finishing this project with over 1,100 man hours spent and ahead of schedule in December 2018, after two months of work. Our foremen Fernando Rocha and Sean Rush did an incredible job on this project. There were many changes and moving pieces throughout the process, and they were vital to finishing this job with no issues.